As the SEAA is now moving towards a 3-year conference cycle, we have also been in the process of updating our membership system to align with this change. This has now been implemented on the website for all new or renewing memberships. What this means in practical terms is that when you go to renew your membership, the options are now Regular and Concessionary 3-year fixed term. If you renew or join anytime this year, your membership will now last until December 31st, 2022. If you renew or join anytime in 2021, then your membership will last until December 31st, 2023, and so on.

If you are currently an active member, then your current membership will still last the full 4 years or more that you have prevuously paid. The next time you renew, however, the only option will be for the new 3-year, fixed term membership. This will eventually result in all memberships covering a single conference cycle and will hopefully further minimize renewal issues for your hard working execuative board members. 

If you have any general questions regarding this change please direct them to the Execuitive Board and if you have any questions regarding your renewal or payments, please direct them to the SEAA Treasurer. If you have questions regarding your membership status please feel free to contact me at:

All the best,

Andrew Womack, PhD
SEAA Web Editor

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Membership can be considered for any individual, professional or non-professional, doing research related to the archaeology of East Asia (China, Korea, Japan) or otherwise interested in the field. Please click the button above to sign up or renew now.