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Notes are referred as NOTEWORTHIES 00-00, with the issue number before the dash and the note number after the dash.

EAANnouncements 7 & 14 had no Noteworthies


No. 1

01-01. CHANG (Chinese History and Archaeology Networking Group)
01-02. First Emperor Video


No. 2

02-01. Origins of Rice Agriculture 
02-02. Registration of Significant Earth Structures
02-03. Palaeolithic Cave Excavation in Vietnam
02-04. Chinese Palaeolithic Investigations
02-05. Other Gleanings from the IPPA Congress


No. 3

03-01. Grants Received
03-02. Womens Studies
03-03. Ancient Chinese Text Database Project
03-04. Independent Scholars of South Asia
03-05. Kommission für Allgemeine und vergleichende Archäologie
03-06. Institute of Archeo-Replica, Tokyo
03-07. T.T. Tsui Gallery of Chinese Art


No. 4

04-01. The British Museum Galleries
04-02. Early China
04-03. Korean gallery in the royal victoria & albert museum
04-04. Grants Received
04-05. University of Arizona Climatic History Project
04-06. China House Gallery exhibit
04-07. CSCPRC Initiative in Archaeology
04-08. Independent Scholars of Asia Newsletter
04-09. FMF Summer Archaeology practicum in China
04-10. Dept of Art and Archaeology, SOAS, Univ of London
04-11. ICSK Services for Museums Abroad
04-12. ICSK gift to U.S. Library of Congress
04-13. Kodai, a new journal
04-14. Scientists' Guide
04-15. East Asian Science, Technology and Medicine
04-16. Institute of tropical biology, University of aberdeen
04-17. Thai-Yunnan Project, Australian National University
04-18. Waterproof notebooks for fieldwork
04-19. The Joseph Levenson Book Prize
04-20. Video tapes
04-21. Dongbei scholars look for contacts
04-22. Early Medieval China mailing list on bitnet
04-23. UNESCO Maritime Silk Road Expedition
04-24. archetype of the Paekche Ritual preserved in Japan
04-25. Manchester Ancient Textile Unit


No. 5

05-01. Museum of Yayoi Culture
05-02. Earliest garden in Japan
05-03. photographic exhibition of Buddhist images
05-04. Asian Rare Books now available
05-05. Prehistoric Mongoloid Dispersals Project
05-06. Silk road art and archaeology
05-07. The Kroger Collection of Oriental Porcelains
05-08. Arts of China
05-09. Site Discovery in the Ogasawara Islands
05-10. Sino-American Field School of Archaeology
05-11. Postscript to the International Silk Road Symposium
05-12. Korean Archaeologists visit Jian Koguryo remains
05-13. Artifacts from Mesolithic age recently discovered
05-14. Repatriation of Choson period garments
05-15. Grants received
05-16. Directory of China scholars
05-17. From Mitteilungsblatt 22
05-18. Inscribed Japanese bronze from 14th-century London
05-19. Ancient Japan exhibition


No. 6

06-01. From ICSK to the Korea Foundation
06-02. Electronic bulletin board for archaeology
06-03. Query on Chinese prehistoric/bronze-age cultures
06-04. Exhibition of Kaya relics at the National Museum of Korea
06-05. Manchurian Neolithic archaeology bibliography
06-06. Kyongju Excavations
06-07. Grants received
06-08. Ainu artifacts discovered at the Smithsonian
06-09. Obituary for Professor Gwei-Djen Lu-Needham 1904-1991
06-10. Ancient Metallurgy Research Group (AMRG)
06-11. The Newark Museum galleries
06-12. The Metropolitan Museum of Art 
06-13. Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
06-14. Computerized bibliographies
06-15. Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
06-16. China Institute in America lectures
06-17. Oriental Ceramic Society lectures
06-18. Korean ceramics from the Ataka Collection
06-19. Archaeology of Inner Asia
06-20. Institute for Asian Studies lectures
06-21. Asian Conservation Studio & Training Program
06-22. The Ashmolean Museum Department of Eastern Art
06-23. The Denver Art Museum
06-24. The Freer Gallery of Art
06-25. The Shaanxi History Museum
06-26. Women's History Network
06-27. National Museum of Korea exhibitions
06-28. The Royal Museum of Scotland
06-29. Koguryo & Bohai archaeology lectures
06-30. The British Library
06-31. Portable art from China's Palaeolithic
06-32. Dr. Han Byong-sam honoured
06-33. Newsletter on IGCP 296 (Quaternary of Asia & Pacific)
06-34. Asahi 'Site of the Year' Award
06-35. Bunkacho-Smithsonian Institution joint research program


No. 8

08-01. Rock Art Research Association of China
08-02. Asahi Prize
08-03. Metropolitan Museum of Art: Arms and Armor Galleries
08-04. Museum fur Volkerkunde, Vienna
08-05. Korean ceramic techniques course
08-06. The Art Institute of Chicago
08-07. Royal Ontario Museum
08-08. Art Libraries Society of North America
08-09. Denver Art Museum
08-10. Introduction to early woodworking technology
08-11. Faunal and lithic workshops in China
08-12. British Museum Korea Foundation Gallery
08-13. Lithic Casts
08-14. Summer excavation practicum in Xi'an, China
08-15. Smithsonian North Pacific & Arctic project
08-16. Chinese Rock Art specialist seeks scholarly interchange
08-17. Silk Road video series
08-18. Korea Foundation
08-19. Excavation of rare Korean Neolithic human bones
08-20. The First Emperor of China videodisc
08-21. Electronic books: the Kojien
08-22. The Aerial Archaeology Research Group (AARG)
08-23. Society for Archaeological Sciences (SAS)
08-24. First official 'State Prehistoric Artifact'
08-25. Scholarship in Numismatics & coin exhibition
08-26. British Archaeological Bibliography (BAB)
08-27. New series for archaeological publications
08-28. Brooklyn Museum's Ainu Research Project
08-29. Kaya exhibit in Japan
08-30. Institute for Asian Studies Lecture series
08-31. Art Institute of Chicago Gallery opening & lecture series
08-32. Los Angeles County Museum of Art lectures
08-33. Henderson Collection of Korean Ceramics
08-34. Freer Gallery of Art
08-35. Yale University Art Gallery
08-36. Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Japan exhibit
08-37. Toledo Museum of Art
08-38. University of California Art Museum
08-39. Hunan Archaeology Exhibition
08-40. New Orleans Museum of Art
08-41. CSCPRC
08-42. New East Asian Art Newsletter
08-43. Southeast Asian developments
08-44. Foreign Fieldwork in China
08-45. Call for Palace Museum volunteers
08-46. PDF exhibit
08-47. Great Britain-China Centre lectures


No. 9

09-01. European Association of Archaeologists
09-02. WAC NEWS
09-03. Japan Petrograph Society (JPS)
09-04. Archaeological Studies on War and Violence
09-05. ACRO Update
09-06. Field system excavated at Misari
09-07. Early rice in Korea
09-08. Cammann bibliography and papers available
09-09. Spring Lectures, Institute of Asian Studies, NY
09-10. New National Cultural Properties in Japan
09-11. Cotsen Prize, UCLA Institute of Archaeology
09-12. Huang Hsing Foundation
09-13. NEH Research Program awards
09-14. CCK grant awards
09-15. Brown University Chinese collection
09-16. Japan Foundation Grant awards
09-17. The Blair Society
09-18. Positions: East Asia Cultures Critique
09-19. H.H. Mu Far Eastern Library
09-20. The finest grave ever found in Hong Kong
09-21. Lord Wilson Heritage Trust, Hong Kong
09-22. Annotated Bibliographies for Anthropologists
09-23. Request for info on "gold, grooved disk" in China
09-24. Society for Archaeololgical Sciences Email
09-25. European Archaeological Database EUARCH
09-26. Japanese conservation activities
09-27. Paleoanthropology Society
09-28. Boston Fine Arts Museum Nagoya Branch
09-29. Palaeomonsoonal variation in China last 130,000 years
09-30. Commission on Quaternary Shorelines (INQUA)
09-31. Influence of sea level rise on Yangzi R. since 12,100 BP
09-32. Early Palaeolithic in China
09-33. News from Zhoukoudian 
09-34. News from Yuanmou
09-35. Bone modification studies at Shiyu 
09-36. Ashmolean Korea exhibition
09-37. Silk Road exhibition in Germany
09-38. Tung-Huang Pao-Ts'ang
09-39. The History and Culture of Korea
09-40. Sino-American Field School of Archaeology
09-41. Southeast Asian Archaeology International Newsletter
09-42. Lithic Technology
09-43. 'Sea of Korea' on old maps


No. 10

10-01. Bonn archaeological statistics package (BASP)
10-02. Japanese excavations
10-03. Korea Foundation films
10-04. Grants awarded
10-05. ACRO Update
10-06. Publishing opportunities
10-07. Early woodworking technology course
10-08. Lost Cities of the Chinese Silk Route tour
10-09. UK Summer Schools 
10-10. Asian Art and Ethnography Collections in North American Museums
10-11. Taiwan Research Institute for Cultural Heritage
10-12. Lithic studies Society
10-13. Cultural relics protection & restoration center, Xi'an
10-14. Cultural Properties preservation in Japan
10-15. Dating hair from archaeological sites
10-16. Top 10 excavations in China for 1992
10-17. Silk Road videos
10-18. World History Association


No. 11

From EAANnouncements volume 11, notes on museums, exhibitions and lectures have been listed in their own sections and therefore do not appear in NOTEWORTHIES.

11-01. Ancient map on hemp reproduced
11-02. Rice phytoliths in Jomon pottery of 1500 BC
11-03. A 'Siberian Eve' next?
11-04. Request for microorganism information
11-05. Han Dynasty women warriors statues & peanuts
11-06. Paekche Kingdom preservation areas
11-07. Independent Scholars of Asia, Inc.
11-08. Moats galore!
11-09. Yamanashi archaeology, Japan
11-10. 7-branched sword interpretation
11-11. Canadian Foundation for the Preservation of Chinese Cultural & Historical Treasures
11-12. Request for ancient roads information
11-13. Pacific Rim Archaeology
11-14. Landsat data
11-15. Current Research in the Pleistocene
11-16. South East Asia Research
11-17. FMF excavation practicum in Xian, China
11-18. Repatriation of books
11-19. New SPAFA address
11-20. Free radiocarbon dates
11-21. Email directory of Archaeologists
11-22. Excavation of Tangun's tomb


No. 12

12-01. Jewish settlements in China
12-02. Japanese discoveries
12-03. Chinese maps 
12-04. Ghengis Khan explorations
12-05. British Archaeological Bibliography
12-06. Syllabus bank on Korea
12-07. Paekche relics returned to Korea
12-08. Ars Orientalis
12-09. Korean Studies in China
12-10. International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden
12-11. Sinological bookshops in Tokyo
12-12. Artifact Pens
12-13. Paekche metal workshop
12-14. World-Wide-Web (WWW)
12-15. Shellmound request
12-16. Zooarchaeological Research News
12-17. An archaeological park at Yangshao?
12-18. Heritage Bulletin Board
12-19. Clearing the Kumaso name
12-20. Ancient Siberians
12-21. Annotated Bibliographies for Anthropologists
12-22. Protohistoric Yamato index


No. 13

13-01. Japan : Kyushu-Dayori
13-02. International Symposium on the Integration of Chinese Archaeology and History
13-03. American archaeologists observe excavation at Bancun
13-04. CSCC grants for Chinese publications
13-05. GEMS Grassland publication
13-06. Another gold seal presented to a local king
13-07. Chinese Environmental History Newsletter & Network
13-08. Internet resources for heritage conservation, historic preservation and archaeology
13-09. Outstanding archaeological discoveries in China, 1993
13-10. Shang oracle bone index
13-11. Zhoukoudian research
13-12. Index to Contents of Chinese Academic Journals
13-13. Booklist on Early China
13-14. Southern Siberian excavations of Xiongnu sites
13-15. Hamada Kosaku in London 
13-16. Mongolnews from the AMS
13-17. The Ancient India and Iran Trust
13-18. Electronic HRAF
13-19. Anthropological networking
13-20. Slides of Chinese archaeology
13-21. The "Breaker Junk"
13-22. Travelling exhibition on Ainu culture and history
13-23. Jesup II Research Initiative
13-24. Arctic Studies Center Alaskan office
13-25. Nakayama Otsuka Tomb excavation


No. 15

15-01. H-Asia listserver
15-02. Arch-metals listserver
15-03. Pagoda damage & Preservation in Seoul
15-04. Course in Japanese paper conservation
15-05. The conservation practice
15-06. Cheju Island excavations
15-07. Email Notes
15-08. East Asian Anthropology Interest Group
15-09. Kazahari rice, Uriba pottery and Korea
15-10. Repatriation of Korean relics
15-11. Continued acrimony over 'Sea of Japan'
15-12. Largest Kaya tomb excavated
15-13. Survey of Takla Makan & radar image
15-14. Tomb of Tangun, Kojoson Castle
15-15. Course on cultural Properties
15-16. Emperor Qin's Army, No. 3
15-17. JIA Lanpo & U.S. National Academy of Sciences
15-18. Yayoi beads-studded lacquered sword sheath
15-19. Jomon astronomical site
15-20. Paekche iron-smelting Furnaces
15-21. Oriental Ceramic Society Newsletter
15-22. Kami-takamori site
15-23. Siberian site at 8000 BP
15-24. Thai-Yunnan newsletter
15-25.South & East Asia geological map


No. 16

16-01. Prof. Martin Jones to Nabunken
16-02. Excavation of Qianling?
16-03. Shipwreck bibliography
16-04. South Fujian kiln site project
16-05. China libraries
16-06. Hungarians in China
16-07. IIAS International Institute for Asian Studies
16-08. Historical China Environment Database
16-09. AAS Home Page
16-10. Buddhist Temple Research
16-11. New South Asian archaeology newsletter
16-12. Famen buddhist finds
16-13. Baligang excavations
16-14. World Association for Japanese Studies
16-15. Asian and Pacific archaeology series
16-16. Peking Human dates
16-17. Ancient bamboo slip texts
16-18. Siberian archaeology request
16-19. Asahi on WWW


No. 17

17-01. Internet archaeology 
17-02. Wooden objects & seeds from Shinchang-dong
17-03. Wooden koryo vessel
17-04. Pacific Floaties
17-05. Journal of material culture
17-06. Chinese archaeological spectacular
17-07. Neolithic Chinese acorns
17-08. 3500 BP Hong Kong village site
17-09. Qin emperor tomb temples
17-10. Xuanquanzhi site
17-11. Call for information: Bulletin of the International Society for the History of East Asian Science, Technology and Medicine
17-12. China WWF Development Project


No. 18

18-01. Association for Conservation of Natioan Treasures
18-02. Phytolith networking
18-03. Korean History in Musical
18-04. International Dunhuang Project (IDP)
18-05. Journal of Material Culture
18-06. Inner Asian art & archaeology
18-07. Beijing TV crew in Europe
18-08. On-line classes
18-09. Centre for research on East Asian Archaeology
18-10. Japan Sea renaming effort
18-11.Thai-Guangzhou Trade
18-12. Culture & civilization of China project
18-13. Tokyo excavations


No. 19

19-01. Japanese archaeological discoveries
19-02. H-Japan: new electronic discussion group
19-03. The Lianjiang shipwreck, Fujisan
19-04. Liu Wu's suit of jade and gold
19-05. EAA & documentary film?
19-06. Chinese interpretations of human evolution
19-07. Special issue on preservation
19-08. Korean studies journal call for papers
19-09. Historical map making
19-10. Regionality of the Japanese & Japanese Culture
19-11. 2nd-century Silla tomb?
19-12. Early China reception
19-13. Fujisan kiln excavation
19-14. Oldest Japanese writing?
19-15. 6th-C. Chinese imperial seal recovered 3 years after stolen
19-16. Luce Foundation Silk Road Project in Turfan
19-17.Shenzhen University Museum


No. 20

20-01. Silla Scholar arrested in Seoul
20-02. 2nd-century Sara-ri burial, Kyongju
20-03. New books on one of 'Asia's Best Web Sites'
20-04. Sohn Pow-key honoured
20-05. 1997 Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin (AFOB)
20-06. China Archaeology & Art Digets
20-07. Publishing material from suspended excavations
20-08. Urban Archaeology Forum
20-09. Harvard Korean Studies Bibliographic Data Base Project
20-10. A 4,500 year-old ceremonial platform from Southwestern China


No. 21

21-01. Chinese Discoveries
21-02. Call for papers on Lithic Technology
21-03. Gong Show: CD ROM on Qin
21-04. Discoveries in The Japanese Media
21-05. Researh on Japan & Japanese Culture
21-06. Japanese projects in Central Asia
21-07. South Thai-South China Trade Workshop
21-08. Hangzhou University Dunhuang Research Centre
21-09. Equids of the Gobi
21-10. Graduate student directories on WWW
21-11. Top 10 Chinese Discoveries for 1996
21-12. Russian Publications
21-13. Sino-Canadian field school in China
21-14. Longshan writing request
21-15. Dunhuang Journal
21-16. New Train Station in Kyongju
21-17. Bells of the Bronze Age
21-18. Japan funds Karakorum project
21-19. South China Post
21-20. Digitised Diamond Sutra
21-21. The first Emporer CD-ROM & Videodisc


No. 22

22-01. Discoveries in the Japanese media
22-02. New cultural properties
22-03. Video on the Ainu culture
22-04. Kiln excavations at chifeng
22-05. Hsiung-nu publications
22-06. New study centre at British Museum, London
22-07. Bead study trust newsletter and awards
22-08. Earthwatch grants 1997
22-09. Society for American Archaeology Web Site
22-10. Archaeological Division (AD) of the American Anthropological Association
22-12. Edo (Pre-modern Tokyo) Publication
22-13. China Dimension Website
22-14. Xia Shang Zhou Chronology Project


No. 23

23-01. A shipwreck in Northern Fujian
23-02. A Tang dynasty tea ware kiln in Fujian
23-03. 10th-12th century kiln complex excavations in Huxi County
23-04.  Shipwrecks in Malaysia
23-05. Publication on treasure ships in the Philippines
23-06. Guilin urban archaeology
23-07. Smithsonian's Asian Art & Culture changes course
23-08. Cultural material conservation and preservation specialists trip to china
23-09. Yoshinogari coin find
23-10. Far Eastern International Archaeological Fieldschool, July-August 1988
23-11. Call for Information on Dr. Davidson Black (Bu Dasheng)


No. 24

24-01. Two more Korean sites placed on World Heritage List
24-02. Agreement on a mutual exchange program
24-03. Turtle Atlas
24-04. Aerial survey invovers high street of Xanadu
24-05. Call for papers from "Tsantsa"
24-06. Nichibunken researchers & their interests in East Asian archaeology
24-07. Antique art dealer retrieves fragments of North Korean tomb mural painting
24-08. Ruins treated for in situ display
24-09. Mamiya expedition reports discovered
24-10. History of Japanese architecture extended
24-11. Jisai depicted on first-century pot
24-12. International Conference on the Guodian copy of Laozi (Lao Tzu)
24-13. Three killed in storm while retracing ancient sea route
24-14. New perceptions of life in the Chinese Neolithic
24-15. Korean tombs closing
24-16. Mirrors discovered in Kurotsuka Kofun
24-17. Call for papers from the organizers of the 31st Chacmool Conference, Calgary


No. 25

25-01. Call for Papers from the International Journal of Korean Studies
25-02. Proposal to cooperate on analysis of recent Chinese discoveries
25-03. Archaeology on the net - Asian Archaeology
25-04. Request for advice: Locating World War II Aerial Photos


No. 26

26-01. Project on the early Buddhist caves in Xinjiang and Gansu
26-02. The Huntingdon Archive
26-03. Awarded American Museum Website
26-04. Reinstallation at Portland Art Museum, Oregon
26-05. New Video releases from "Media for the Arts"
26-06. Founder of Institute for Asian Studies passed away
26-07. New Archaeology and science magazine
26-08. HRAF: New 'Collection of Archaeology' on the Web
26-09. Chinese 'Statue of Liberty'
26-10. Shipwreck along the Fujisan coast
26-11. Kitora tomb murals discovered
26-12. Ainu artefacts in Russia catalogued
26-13. World Heritage Sites to be recommended

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