EAANnouncements: Dissertation abstracts

MA, MPhil or MSc theses

BAUSCH, Ilona R.: Clay Figurines and ritual in the Middle Jomon period:  No. 15

FISKESJO, Magnus: The royal hunt of the Shang dynasty: archaeological and anthropological perspectives:  No. 15

FUQUA, Douglas S.: Prehistoric Japan: Jomon contact with the continent and the Yayoi transition:  No. 22

GIELE, Enno: Exterritoriale Lehensvergabe in der Han- und Sanguo-Zeit:  No. 15

LEE Gyoung-Ah: Spatial variation of plant remains from the Ezo-Haji period Sakushu-Kotoni River site, Hokkaido, Japan:  No. 23

KIM Jong-Il: A study on the distribution of bronze sites and ritual areas in the ancient mid-west Korea:  No. 15

KOMPIER, Thomas M.F.: The Japanese state formation process: a case of peer polity interactions?:  No. 10

NORTON, Christopher J.: Storage and its implications for the advent of rice agriculture in Korea: Konam-ri:  No. 21

PENG Ke: Chinese neolithic archaeology:  No. 15

SEYOCK, Barbara: Die Residenz der Königin Himiko: Historische Nachrichten und archäologische Befunde-Ein Vergleich:  No. 12

SONG, Ki-ho: Research in development process of Palhae history and phase of country:  No. 17

WRIGHT, Joshua: Analysis of elite material culture and its relation to status in Early China: the elite society of the Dawenkou cemetery:  No. 17

Ph.D. dissertations

AHN Sung-Mo: Origin and Differentiation of Domesticated Rice in Asia:  No. 10

ALLARD, Francis: Interregional Interaction and the emergence of complex societies in Lingnan during the Late Neolithic and Bronze Age:  No. 19

ALLARD, Francis Y.: Interregional interaction and the emergence of complex societies in Lingnan during the late Neolithic and Bronze Age (China):  No. 22

D'ANDREA, A. Catherine: Palaeoethnobotany of later Jomon and Yayoi cultures of northeastern Japan: northeastern Aomori and southwestern Hokkaido:  No. 12

COOK, Constance Anne: Auspicious Metals and Southern Spirits: an anlaysis of the Chu bronze inscriptions:  No. 10

DEMATTE, Paola: The Origins of Chinese Writing: Archaeological and textual analysis of the pre-dynastic evidence:  No. 26

FAWCETT, Clare P.: A Study of the Socio-Political Context of Japanese Archaeology:  No. 10

FUKUSAWA, Yuriko: Ainu archaeology as ethnohistory: iron technology among the Saru Ainu of Hokkaido in the 17th century:  No. 17

HOLLENWEGER, Richard R.: The Evolution of Early Buddhist Architecture in Korea:  No. 23

KANG Bong Won: The role of warfare in the formation of the state in Korea: historical and archaeological approaches:  No. 20

KEATES, Susan G.:The significance of the older Palaeolithic occurrences in the Nihewan Basin, northern China, in the context of important Early and Middle Pleistocene northern Chinese localities:  No. 16

KEATES, Susan G. : The significance of the older Palaeolithic occurrences in the Nihewan Basin, northern China, in the context of important Early and Middle Pleistocene northern Chinese localities:  No. 19

KIM Seung-Og: Political competition and social transformation: the development of residence, residential ward, and community in the prehistoric Taegongni of southwestern Korea:  No. 20

KWON Hack-Soo: A Regional Analysis of the Kaya Polities in Korea: chronology, economy, and sociopolitical interactions in systemic perspective:  No. 10

KWON O-Young: A Study on the Kuk in the Samhan Society:  No. 21

LEE Yun Kyun: Tribal segmentation and spatial variability: the social organization of a prehistoric Yangshao village settlement:  No. 12

LIU Li: Development of chiefdom societies in the middle and lower Yellow river valley in neolithic China: a study of the Longshan culture from the perspective of settlement patterns:  No. 21

MORRIS, Martin: The relationship between elite and vernacular house types in pre-modern Japan:  No. 20

PAK Yangjin: A study of the Bronze Age culture in the Northern Zone of China:  No. 21

PRÜCH, Margarete: Die Lacke der Westlichen Han-Zeit (206v.Chr.-6 n. Chr.) Bestand und Analyse:  No. 18

RECKEL, Johannes: Bohai-Geschichte und Kultur eines mandschurisch-koreanischen Königreiches der Tang-Zeit:  No. 17

SALVIATI, Filippo: The jades of the Liangzhu culture: an iconographical study:  No. 21

SASAKI Ken-ichi: Regional interaction and the development of social complexity: a case of third century western Japan:  No. 18

SHELACH, Gideon: The emergence of complex society in northeast China from the fourth to the first millennia B.C.: a perspective from the Chifeng area in Inner Mongolia:  No. 20

SODA Tsutomu: Tephrochronological study on the Early Paleolithic culture of Japan, Takamori site, Miyagi Prefecture:  No. 19

TAYLOR, Sarah J.: Ploughshares into Swords: the iron industry and social development in protohistoric Korea and Japan:  No. 10

UNDERHILL, Anne P.: Changing Patterns of Pottery Production During the Longshan Period of Northern China, ca. 2500-2000 BC:  No. 10

WANG Tao: Colour Symbolism in Late Shang China:  No. 11

WAGNER, Donald Blackmore: Jern of stål i oldtidens Kina [Iron and Steel in Ancient China]:  No. 11

ZHAO Zhijun: Rice domestication in the middle Yangtze region, China: an application of phytolith analysis:  No. 21

ZORN, Bettina: On the social complexity of the Erlitou culture:  No. 12

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