Reviews in the EAANnouncements (in alpha-order by reviewers)

Charles AYLMER: Yingguo suo cang jiagu ji [Oracle Bone collections in Great Britain] by LI Xueqin, QI Wenxin and Sarah ALLAN
Su De Mei Ri suo jian jiagu ji [Oracle Bones seen in the USSR, Germany, USA and Japan] by HU Houxuan
Collections d'inscriptions oraculaires en France by Jean A. LEFEUVRE:  No. 12

Charles AYLMER: Zhongguo kaogu wenwu zhi mei:  No. 18

Gina BARNES: The archaeology of Korea, by Sarah M. NELSON:  No. 11

Gina BARNES: The problem of meaning in early Chinese ritual bronzes, Ed. by Roderick WHITFIELD:  No. 11

Gina BARNES: Iron and steel in ancient China, by Donald B. WAGNER:  No. 13

Gina BARNES: Heavenly Warriors: the evolution of Japan's military 500-1300, by William Wayne FARRIS:  No. 12

Wayne FARRIS: Nihon noko shakai no seiritsu katei [The formation of Japanese agrarian society], by TSUDE Hiroshi:  No. 11

Mark HUDSON: Nihonshi tanjo [The Birth of Japanese History], by SASAKI Komei:  No. 11

Simon KANER: The Cambridge History of Japan. Volume 1. Ancient Japan. Ed. by Delmer M. BROWN:  No. 18

Simon KANER: Pacific Northeast Asia in Prehistory: Hunter-Fisher-Gatherers, Famers and Sociopolitical Elites. Ed. by C. Melvin AIKENS and Song Nai Rhee:  No. 18

Simon KANER: Art of bronze bells in early Japan. Edited by Makoto SAHARA and Hideji HARUNARI:  No. 19

Tomas M.F. KOMPIER: China, Korea and Japan: the rise of civilization in East Asia, by Gina L. BARNES:  No. 12

Joshua WRIGHT: The Archaeology of Northeast China, Beyond the Great Wall Ed. by Sarah M. NELSON:  No. 17

Review Articles

Gina L. BARNES: Early Japanese State Bibliography: a preliminary analysis:  No. 3

Mark HUDSON: Hokkaido archaeology: a review article:  No. 3


Book Review Bibliography:  No. 13

Book Review Bibliography:  No. 16

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