A Han Dynasty bronze mirror from the Royal Ontario Museum collections.

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SEAA-web is an information platform dedicated to communicating the activities of the Society for East Asian Archaeology (SEAA), to spreading news of upcoming events and note-worthies in the field to members and the interested public, and to publishing and sharing information on research based on archaeologically recovered material comprising China, Korea, Japan and adjacent regions in all periods, thus aiming at further fostering a network of expertise in East Asian archaeology. The SEAA-web is a non-profit project. It has been created in accordance with the aims and objectives of the Society for East Asian Archaeology (SEAA), and published as a preliminary web in September 2006. 

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*Post Doctoral Fellowship*

American School of Prehistoric Research Junior Fellowship The American School of Prehistoric Research (ASPR), which supports research and education in Old World prehistory, is pleased to announce ASPR Junior Fellowships: postdoctoral research fellowships at Harvard University for recent PhDs who are pursuing independent research on Old World prehistory. Eligible candidates can be of any nationality but must be at an early stage of their scholarly career doing research that focuses on Old World prehistory.

*Article Publication*- An exploration of potential raw materials for prehistoric pottery production in the Tao River Valley, Gansu Province, China.

Northwest China is known for its Majiayao-style Neolithic painted pottery which has received much praise for its high level of craftsmanship, yet its chain of production, in particular the step of raw material selection, is still poorly understood. To fill this lacuna, the present study explores the raw materials used in producing these wares from a geological and technological perspective.

NYU ISAW Seeking Applications for PhD Fellowships

The PhD Program in the Ancient World at New York University’s Institute for the Ancient World is currently accepting applications.

About ISAW's PhD Program:

Encompassing the ancient world from the western Mediterranean to East Asia, from the Neolithic to the early Medieval period, the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World is focused on creating a new generation of scholars whose work crosses over the disciplinary boundaries of traditional departments.

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Welcome to the website of SEAA, the Society for East Asian Archaeology. Established in 1996 and now counting some 500 international members, SEAA is the preeminent organization devoted to the promotion of the field of East Asian archaeology and the facilitation of scholarly exchange among archaeologists of the region.