Editor's note about the Online-Archive

The online version of the EAANouncements differs from the printed version in several points:

  1. Obvious misprints and flaws have been corrected without further notice.
  2. In favor of a clear arrangement we made some revisions and new formatting.
  3. As for the MEMBER NEWS we skipped mail addresses for the sake of data protection. Phone numbers and mail addresses may anyway be obsolete in many cases. For contact details of current members please check the Member List (Member Area).
  4. The JOURNAL UPDATES included in the EAANouncements normally have been photocopies of the respective journals. The photocopies are not included in the online version.
  5. The updates of the RUNNING BIBLIOGRAPHY are presented in special sections.
  6. For the sake of online readability we unfortunately had to do without the numerous icons which helped navigating the original version of the EAANouncements, and moreover enjoyed a great popularity.
  7. The pagination of the printed version is not included in the online version.
  8. Recurring information such as the imprint is skipped in the online version.

Barbara Seyock

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