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Virtual Book Talk: "Connectivity, Imperialism, and the Han Iron Industry" and "Weapons in Late Shang (c. 1250-1050 BCE) China: Beyond Typology and Ritual"

The Society for East Asian Archaeology (SEAA) will be hosting its very first virtual book talk! Join us on Thursday 8 December 2022 at 7-9 am (EST)/12-2 pm (GMT)/ 8-10 pm (CST) as we celebrate with Dr. Qin Cao (Oriental Museum, Durham University) and Dr. Wengcheong Lam (Chinese University of Hong Kong) on the launch of their new books, “Weapons in Late Shang (c. 1250-1050 BCE) China: Beyond Typology and Ritual” and “Connectivity, Imperialism, and the Han Iron Industry”. Also in attendance is Dr.

Early Chinese metal production

POPULAR ARCHAEOLOGY: Researchers decode metal-making recipes in ancient Chinese text

"Researchers have deciphered enigmatic recipes for metal-making contained in an ancient Chinese text, revealing unexpected complexity in the art at the time.

Six chemical formulas are given in a Chinese text from 300BC known as the Kaogong ji. The manuscript, known as The World’s Oldest Encyclopedia of Technologies, forms part of a detailed archive of early imperial rule, which archeologists have been trying to decode since the 1920s."

Dr. Anke Hein

Anke Hein: Diversity is beauty and strength

Our China Stories (People's Daily Online) recently featured Dr. Anke Hein, the incumbent president of SEAA. You can watch the interview via the following link on Youtube:

The English and Chinese versions of the text of the interview are also available. Please see the following:  

English version:

The Ōyu Stone Circles in northern Japan.

Popular Archaeology: Stonehenge exhibition explores parallels with Japanese stone circles

The exhibition will feature 80 striking objects, some of which have never before been seen outside Japan. Key loans announced on Wednesday include a flame pot, a highly decorated type of Jōmon ceramics, its fantastical shape evoking blazing flames. Such pots were produced in Japan for a relative short period, perhaps only a few hundred years.


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