A series of talks from the Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties International Archaeological Site have been uploaded to Youtube for viewing. They will be available until the end of March - please see below for the a list of the participants and links to each of the talks. 

------ New video ------
1st Relay Talk
Mark Hudson
"Another Japanese Archeology from the Survey of the Miyakojima Long Tomb Site"

5th Relay Talk
Joseph Ryan Sensei
"Japanese Archeology from the Viewpoint of Ironware Research"

------ Video that has already been released ------

1st Relay Talk
Simon Kaner Sensei
"From Nara to Norwich: An English Look at Japanese Archeology"

2nd Relay Talk
Dr. Marjorie Burge
"For archaeological literary studies"

2nd Relay Talk
Dr. Junko Hanyu
"Historical continuity of landscape use and its changes from the perspective of interdisciplinary research"

* Mr. Hanyu's video is a reprint.

3rd Relay Talk
Amanda Gomes Sensei
"From Things to People: The Relationship between Archeology and Communities"

4th Relay Talk
Dr. Diana Nukushina
"Attractiveness of Jomon shell mound: Perspective from Western Europe"

6th Relay Talk
Sensei Enrico R. Crema
"Japanese Archeology from the Viewpoint of Data Science and Comparative Archeology"

6th Relay Talk
Gina Barnes Sensei
"Charm of Haniwa, Magatama, Crown, Straight Arc"

* Viewing rules *
1. The delivery period is from today to the end of March 2022.
2. Limited release. It is strictly prohibited to notify the delivery URL to a third party.
3. Unauthorized reproduction or use of video content, texts, images, etc. is strictly prohibited.
4. Not all deliveries will be made each time. We will inform you about the delivery as soon as it is decided.


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