Former Executive Officers


1996-1998: Gina L. BARNES, PhD, Professorial Research Associate (SOAS, University of London, UK)
1998-2004: Sarah Milledge NELSON, PhD, John Evans Distinguished Professor, Dept. of Anthropology (University of Denver, USA)
2004-2012: Fumiko IKAWA-SMITH, PhD, Professor emerita (McGill University, Montreal, Canada)
2012-2016:Yangjin PAK, PhD, Professor (Chungnam University, Republic of Korea)


2000-2004: Gideon SHELACH, PhD, Senior Lecturer in East Asian Studies (Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel)
2004-2012: Yangjin PAK, PhD, Professor (Chungnam University, Republic of Korea)
2012-2016: Francis ALLARD, PhD, Professor (Indiana University of Pennsylvania, , Indiana, PA, USA)


1996-2004: Yangjin PAK, PhD, Professor of Archaeology (Chungnam University, Republic of Korea)
2004-2012: Gwen BENNET, PhD, Professor (McGill University, Montreal, Canada)
2012-2020: Barbara SEYOCK, PhD, Lecturer (Ruhr University Bochum, Germany)
2020-2021: Katrinka REINHART, PhD, Science Director, Archaeology, Field Conservation Facility, Stanford University (USA)


1996-2004: Simon KANER, PhD, Asst. Director (Sainsbury Institute, Norwich, UK)
2004-2012: Gina L. BARNES, PhD, Professorial Research Associate (SOAS, University of London, UK)
2012-2013: Leo Aoi HOSOYA, PhD, Research Fellow (Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan)
2013-2016: Sascha PRIEWE, PhD, Associate Vice President, Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships  (Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada)

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Welcome to the website of SEAA, the Society for East Asian Archaeology. Established in 1996 and now counting some 500 international members, SEAA is the preeminent organization devoted to the promotion of the field of East Asian archaeology and the facilitation of scholarly exchange among archaeologists of the region.