SEAA 2021 Online Student Conference

June 26–28, 2021

The SEAA 2021 Online Student Conference is co-hosted by SEAA and Professor Sungjoo Lee and colleagues at Kyungpook National University.

The main focus of the conference is undergraduate and graduate student research. It is open to all students of East Asian archaeology, does not require SEAA membership, and is free of charge.

We are accepting proposals for presentations or short films on all topics that highlight the growth and depth of East Asian archaeology in Korea, China, and Japan and adjacent regions, such as Southeast Asia, the Pacific, North Asia, Central Asia and the East Asian diaspora. Examples of possible topics include, but are not limited to: scientific approaches to the archaeology of East Asia, theoretical themes that crosscut geographical boundaries, and studies of particular sites, regions, and cultures.

Presentation proposal deadline: April 1, 2021

For any questions about the virtual conference, contact the SEAA Secretary, Dr. Katrinka Reinhart, at secretary@seaa-web.org.

Conference registration is open to all, regardless of SEAA membership status, and is free of charge.

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