Appointed Officers

SEAA Web Editor: Michael STOROZUM, (Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)

SEAA Public Relations: Mitchell MA, (University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada)

SEAA Social Media Coordinator (Japan, Korea, North America): James COBURN, (University of Illinois,Champaign-Urbana)

SEAA Social Media Coordinator (China, Mongolia, Central Asia, Europe): Siyi WU (University of Oxford) 

Archaeological Society Liaisons:

Society for American Archaeology (SAA) Liaison: Francis ALLARD, PhD (Professor, Indiana University of Pennsylvania)

Association for Asian Studies (AAS) Liaison: Garry GUAN (Managing Editor, Chinese Cultural Relics (The English Edition of Wenwu), Minneapolis, USA)

Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association (IPPA) Liaison: Yoshiyuki Iizuka: Senior Research Scientist, Institute of Earth Sciences, Academic Sinica

Japanese Archaeological Association Liaison: SASAKI Ken’ichi, PhD (Professor, Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan)

Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) Liaison: N.N.

European Association for Asian Art and Archaeology (EAAA) Liaison: Annette KIESER, PhD (Lecturer, Institute for Chinese Studies, University of Muenster, Germany)

SEAA Membership

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Membership can be considered for any individual, professional or non-professional, doing research related to the archaeology of East Asia (China, Korea, Japan) or otherwise interested in the field. Please click the button above to sign up or renew now.

President's Message

Welcome to the website of SEAA, the Society for East Asian Archaeology. Established in 1996 and now counting some 500 international members, SEAA is the preeminent organization devoted to the promotion of the field of East Asian archaeology and the facilitation of scholarly exchange among archaeologists of the region.