Dear SEAA members and other scholars of East Asia,

On behalf of the SEAA Executive Board, it is my pleasure to announce the winners of the Student Award competition. Given in conjunction with SEAA conferences, the award is made to undergraduate and graduate students based on their submitted research papers. Each award consists of a $250 book prize, along with a complimentary 3-year membership in SEAA.

All five awardees will be recognized at SEAA’s upcoming (virtual) student conference (June 26-28) and will present their winning paper in a separate ‘Student Paper Award’ session. We look forward to your attendance at the conference and student paper award session.

The SEAA Executive Board wishes to thank the Student Award committee for its work in reading and ranking the large number of submitted papers (which were initially submitted to the Committee with all personal and institutional information removed).

Once again, congratulations to the winners and thank you to the many undergraduate and graduate students who took the time to submit a paper to the Student Award competition. We look forward to seeing each of you at the conference this June.


Francis Allard, PhD
Society for East Asian Archaeology

Hao Yixuan

Bachelor Student

School of history, Wuhan University

Academic advisor (on submitted paper): He Xiaolin

Paper Title: The Archaeological Landscape of Western Zhou: Mound-like Sites in Jianghuai Region, Southern China


William Harrison

Master’s Student

Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto

Academic advisor (on submitted paper): Xie Liye

Paper Title: No Supper for the Ancestors: An analysis of Shang Utilitarian Mortuary Ceramics at Daxinzhuang, Jinan


Fu Rongyu

Master’s Student

School of History, Zhengzhou University

Academic advisor (on submitted paper): Zhou Yawei

Paper Title: The Grave Value Analysis and Stable Isotopic Analysis of Shangshihe Cemetery


Fung Ying Tung

Doctoral Student

Institute of Archaeology, University of Oxford

Academic advisor (on submitted paper): Julia Lee-Thorp

Paper Title: The Climatic, Demographic and Economic Influences on the Rise of Shimao in the North Loess Plateau, China


Xu Hailun

Doctoral Student

School of Archaeology and Museology, Sichuan University

Academic advisor (on submitted paper): Lu Hongliang

Paper Title: The Emergence of Early Complex Societies in Western Tibet -- The example of Dingdong, Jiwen and Kardong settlement sites

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