Chinese archaeologists say they have found the legendary Jixia Academy from the Warring States period.

As chaos reigned during the Warring States period (475-221BC), rulers across ancient China turned to intellectuals to find a way out of perpetual war, and the Jixia Academy in the state of Qi stood out for its power to attract the greatest Chinese thinkers of the time.

The institute used to be a place relegated to the historical record; experts believed it probably existed, but little was known about Jixia and there was no definitive proof that it was a real place.

That was until late February this year, when archaeologists in Shandong province in eastern China announced that they had found the ruins of the institute, a potential breakthrough that came amid a five-year-long excavation push. The scientists used historical records and carbon dating to identify the site as the Jixia Academy.

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