5-minute Survey to Save Ancient Studies

Save Ancient Studies in America (SASA) is a non-profit organization that was founded in early 2020 as a reaction to the devaluation of the study of the ancient world in universities and high schools. Our director, David Danzig, and a group of 30 graduate students and early career scholars from leading universities around the world came together to build a platform to increase exposure, inspire engagement, and provide access to the study of the ancient world.

As part of SASA’s research project on the Downward Trend in Ancient Studies, we are working on understanding what draws people into Ancient Studies. Please spend 5 minutes to take this survey and help us work toward saving Ancient Studies. The results of this survey will help us analyze the variety of paths into our fields and to thereby better target SASA’s strategies for engaging young adults in the ancient world and attracting new students. 

Survey link: >>>>>  https://www.saveancientstudies.org/survey  <<<<<

In addition to the survey, SASA has various ongoing projects (https://www.saveancientstudies.org/projects) aimed to connect the general public with our fields of Ancient Studies:

- Creation of scholarly content that is free, new, and varied. (Live Events, Reading Groups, Videos, Blogs, Podcasts, and much more)

-  Creation of online content, tools, and guides to enable easier access to the study of ancient times

-  Research and document the decline of the disciplines that study the ancient world

- “Opening the Ancient World”: A virtual conference with Digital Hammurabi to support excellent scholarship by scholars at the fringes of the academic community and researchers who have not followed the traditional tenure-track career path. Late summer 2021.

We are always looking for new volunteers who are passionate about the ancient world and want to Save Ancient Studies. We offer various opportunities to get involved; for further information please refer to https://www.saveancientstudies.org/get-involved or get in contact with us at info@saveancientstudies.org.

Find the full slate of SASA's Live Events on our page: https://www.saveancientstudies.org/events   RSVP today!


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