University of Toronto

Dr. Janz's SSHRC Insight Grant, Frontiers in sedentism and domestication (2020-2026), is focused on understanding palaeoecology, resource management and diet choice among hunter-gatherers in Mongolia during a period coinciding with the onset of sedentary agriculture in China.  Mongolian hunter-gatherers adopted similar technologies but adapted them to very different lifeways involving intensive use of large game, wild plant processing, and eventually nomadic pastoralism.  Research opportunities include isotope analysis (in collaboration with Dr. Paul Szpak at Trent University), zooarchaeology, palaeoethnobotany, lithic analysis (including raw materials, reduction strategies, and usewear), and/or computational methods (GIS, survey, spatial analysis, mapping, ecological modelling). 

The University of Toronto offers a fully funded one-year MA, a two-year MSc (one year fully funded), and a four-year PhD (four years fully funded).  MA and MSc programs are for Canadian students only.  International students with a BA or BSc can apply to the five-year PhD program.  University of Toronto is globally ranked as one of the top Anthropology departments in the world and has a large and vibrant graduate program in archaeology.

Trent University

Dr Dubreuil SSHRC Insight Grant, Investigation the transition to agricultural socieites in the southern Levant through the study of ground stone tools, aims at exploring the changes in subsistence, social organization, and symbolism associated to the transition from foraging to farming. (usewear, residues, experimental archaeology) 

Trent University offers a formal two-year MA with a year of course work and a year of research and writing, culminating in an original thesis.  Both years of the MA are funded and international students can apply (though there are only a limited number accepted with funding).  The MA in Anthropology at Trent University is unique in its high level of mentorship and offers unparalleled methodological training with a strong theoretical foundation.  Many of our graduates have gone on directly into CRM, or other related fields, or to do PhDs at some of the top institutions in the US, Canada, and the UK.

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