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Session 502


Advances in Japanese Archaeology


Japanese archaeology has received very little attention outside Japan. Even today only a handful of archaeologists in Europe are focussing their research on the pre- and proto-history of the Japanese archipelago, which is often perceived as being peripheral to both the archaeologies of Europe and Asia. Moreover, European researchers in the field of Japanese archaeology face tangible challenges, such as language barriers, limited data access, theoretical disparities, and the difficulties associated with direct fieldwork. Nevertheless, the number of scholars specializing in Japanese archaeology outside Japan has steadily increased in recent years.

This session will showcase the wide variety of research on Japanese archaeology done by scholars based in European institutions. It aims to introduce current research and research trends in Japanese archaeology by sharing information and results of ongoing and recently finished projects. Through the introduction of aspects of Japanese archaeology that have been largely overlooked this session aims to promote a cross-cultural and comparative approach in archaeological research on Japan and beyond. It also aims to establish a network of scholars to initiate a discussion on the possibilities and limitations of researching the pre- and proto-history of the Japanese archipelago while based in Europe.

We invite contributions that encompass a wide range of topics in pre- and protohistoric Japanese archaeology, including but not limited to:

- Trade, exchange, and social interactions
- Rituals
- Burial systems
- Identity and symbolism
- Comparative studies
- Cultural heritage
- Iconography and pre- and protohistoric art
- Museum Studies
- Heritage Management

Britta Stein (Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg)
Claudia Zancan (Ca' Foscari University of Venice)

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