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29 June to 3 July 2022 – Kyungpook National University, Daegu, South Korea

Update: Abstract deadline now extended to January 31, 2022, conference will also be hybrid virtual / in-person

The Society for East Asian Archaeology (SEAA) is pleased to announce that the Ninth SEAA Worldwide Conference will be held in Daegu, South Korea. The conference will be hosted by Professor Sungjoo Lee at Kyungpook National University (KNU).

The conference offers an opportunity for researchers to present the results of their work on any of a broad range of topics relating to East Asian archaeology. We look forward to receiving proposals for presentations, posters or short films as individual proposals or in organized sessions. Contributions in all aspects of archaeology in relation to the East Asia and adjacent regions are invited. Examples of possible topics include, but are not limited to, archaeological scientific approaches to East Asian topics, theoretical themes that crosscut geographical boundaries, and papers or posters that focus on a particular site, region, or culture. We also encourage submissions focused on adjacent regions such as Southeast Asia, the Pacific, and North and Central Asia.

Examples of possible topics include, but are not limited to, archaeological scientific approaches to East Asian topics, theoretical themes that crosscut geographical boundaries, and papers or posters that focus on a particular site, region, or culture.

The length of individual talks will be approximately 20 minutes, although the specifics will ultimately depend on the final number of proposed talks. The conference language is English.

Information about SEAA, SEAA membership, and the Ninth Worldwide Conference in Daegu (including the relevant membership, registration and proposal forms) is available on the SEAA website:

The deadline for the submission of presentation and session proposals is January 31, 2022. Registration for the conference remains open until June 22, 2022, and on-site registration is also possible.

General information and procedures:

SEAA membership, conference fee, and conference registration

  • All conference participants are required to be current SEAA members AND to pay the conference registration fee of USD160.
  • To join SEAA, please go to the membership section on the SEAA website at Inquiries regarding a participant’s current SEAA membership should be directed to the SEAA Treasurer at
  • Registration for the conference, which includes the payment of the conference fee, is likewise done via the SEAA website at Please note that registration and proposal submission are only possible for SEAA members, so that option only appears after signing into the website with the membership credentials.
  • If you experience any difficulties with the process, please contact the Web Editor at

Proposal submission process

  • All proposal submissions are done online via the SEAA Website at Please note that you need to be a SEAA member and signed into the website with your membership credentials to be able to submit a proposal. Please note, to be able to submit a proposal, you first need to register for the conference and pay the conference fee, likewise via the SEAA website.
  • Possible roles in the conference include: session organizer/chair, paper presenter (in an organized session or a general session), poster contributor, discussant, non-presenting participant. Although participants can have more than one role (e.g. be both organizer and presenter), such multiple roles are permitted only within the same session.
  • There are two categories of proposals: session proposals and individual proposals. The latter can be in the form of presentations or posters. Individual proposals will be grouped into general sessions around specific topics by the organizers. Individual presenters may be asked to chair one of the general sessions.
  • Session organizers need to complete the online proposal submission process, which consists of submitting a session title and abstract, before their session participants register. Once the session is created, it will be automatically added to a dropdown menu of sessions to choose from. Session participants then need to select the session when registering and submitting their abstract. Please DO NOT select a session if you have not already communicated with the session organizer directly. Presenters not associated with a particular session will be assigned to a general session by the conference organisers. All of the above steps must be completed by no later than January 31, 2022.
  • Once proposers have become current SEAA members, paid their conference fee, and submitted their proposal, their proposal will first undergo an initial review by the SEAA Executive Board and then be submitted to the conference organizing committee at Kyungpook National University for final review. Once the proposal has been accepted, it will be incorporated into the conference program. In the event the proposal is rejected, both the conference and membership fees will be reimbursed (minus international money transfer fees if applicable).

Covid/Pandemic provisions

The conference hosts have decided that the conference will be held as a hybrid event. This means that sessions (including topic specific sessions organized by a single organizer) will be able to accommodate both in-person presentations (at the conference venue itself), as well as synchronous virtual presentations. Should it become impossible to hold an in-person conference due to a Covid resurgence or other unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of SEAA and the local organizers, we will be moving to an online format and will give participants the option to either donate their conference fee payment to cover the costs for the online conference or to be reimbursed (minus international money transfer fees if applicable).

Visas and accommodation

  • Those in need of an acceptance letter confirming their participation at the conference, as well as those in need of an invitation letter to obtain a visa for South Korea, should likewise contact Dr. Seungki Kwak (
  • All other non-membership and non-conference registration inquiries should likewise be directed to Dr. Seungki Kwak (
  • Further information regarding the conference (e.g. additional accommodation, post-conference excursions, etc.) will be communicated as it becomes available. This will be done on the SEAA website itself, as well as by occasional emails sent to all current members.

SEAA Membership

Join or Renew

Membership can be considered for any individual, professional or non-professional, doing research related to the archaeology of East Asia (China, Korea, Japan) or otherwise interested in the field. Please click the button above to sign up or renew now.