Over 3,500 years ago, the powerful Shang Dynasty emerged from the Central Chinese plains. Their armies were led by a fierce and brilliant general, her name was Fu Hao.

This 75% drama-led documentary tells the dramatic story of a young Shang princess who rises to become the favourite queen, high priestess, and most successful general of one of China’s earliest rulers, King Wuding, who resides in luxurious palaces beside a manmade lake in one of the biggest urban settlements of the Bronze Age. The Shang royals practised ancestor worship including human sacrifice of prisoners of war.

The Shang were one of the world’s most advanced Bronze Age civilisations. We can trace the origins of Chinese writing back to the Shang Dynasty. It’s the only ancient written language still in active use today. Based on the latest research and archaeological findings, we recreate the eventful life of Fu Hao. The story of China’s first female general is supported by cinematic style re-enactment, CGI, filming in original historic locations, and interviews with leading archaeologists and historians from China, Europe, and America.

Produced for Bilibili, Smithsonian Channel and ZDF / Arte. With sales to ORF, Rai, and PBS Malta.

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