Digitalisation is transforming our field and profession, thereby also altering the requirements for education and training. In this context, University of Applied Sciences Dresden (HTW Dresden) have developed offerings to provide Archaeology students with essential knowledge of digital tools relevant to their field. The curriculum emphasises the fundamentals of computer science and geoinformatics, such as mathematics, programming, photogrammetry and 3D imaging, surveying, remote sensing, geographic information systems, and their practical application in archaeology. This is complemented by sessions on academic writing, historical and theoretical backgrounds, ethical questions, research data management, as well as practical components.The programme is poised to launch in the forthcoming winter semester.

Additionally, as a kickoff, a virtual Summer School will be held from June 3 to 14, offering a succinct introduction to the programme's topics for interested individuals. Registration for this is open until May 12.

Further information can be found in the attached press release and on our websites:
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