Several new articles from American Antiquity and Cambridge University Press have recently been published that are relevant to archaeologists around the world, including for those of us who work in East Asia. All three essays focus on the subject of harassment in archaeology.

Documenting Cultures of Harassment in Archaeology:

Disrupting Cultures of Harassment in Archaeology:

Using Public Health Interventions to Prevent Harassment in Archaeology:

From the author, Dr. Barbara Voss: 

"In these publications, I review and analyze current research about the prevalence and patterns of harassment in archaeology – and even more importantly, identify proven interventions that have been shown to reduce harassment. Throughout, I reflect on the ways that harassment has directly affected my own career, as well as the challenges I’ve faced in responding to harassment.

My hope is that the combination of scholarly analysis and personal narrative will provide an accessible gateway that amplifies current research on this topic. Content advisories, clearly marked sections, and resources for survivors help make the articles accessible for classroom and workplace use."

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