Dr. Anke Hein (Oxford University) is offering an internship opportunity (with funding) on Tracing elusive female scholars in Chinese archaeology in the summer through UNIQ+ Internship Program. 

UNIQ+ Research Internships are aimed at talented undergraduates from under-represented groups, who would find continuing into postgraduate study a challenge for reasons other than their academic ability. Applications are now open for the summer of 2023. To be eligible for UNIQ+ you must be ordinarily resident in the UK and be currently undertaking or have completed an undergraduate degree at a UK or Irish university. 

Further information on UNIQ+ can be found here: https://www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/graduate/access/uniq-plus?source=access

The details of the project are as follows:

Tracing elusive female scholars in Chinese archaeology


Dr Anke Hein


The year 2021 has been declared the centenary anniversary of Chinese archaeology, leading to a flood of talks, conferences, and publications on the history of the discipline. The stories told there, however, and the scholars appearing at related events, are nearly exclusively male, even though the number of female students in the field has increased dramatically over the years. This project aims to trace the elusive female scholars in Chinese archaeology, compiling information on practitioners at museums, universities, and cultural heritage institutions, as well as data on student admission over the years, investigating trends in the admission of female students to archaeology programs but also trying to find out where graduates end up. You will create questionnaires to learn about the studying and working conditions for women in the field of Chinese archaeology both in China and abroad.

Project outcomes:

You will be building a database of female scholars in the field of Chinese archaeology. You will also create several questionnaires aimed at investigating the situation of women in the field of Chinese archaeology. You will then produce a preliminary report on the findings of this investigation.

Entry requirements

The main thing needed is curiosity and basic competency with computers and internet searches. No prior knowledge on Chinese archaeology is required (though of course welcome if it happens to be there). Chinese-language skills are likewise not required but interest in engaging with unfamiliar terms, names, and concepts is needed. Familiarity with excel or databases would be useful but is not required and training is available. Some familiarity with principles in anthropology, archaeology, and/or history would be useful but likewise not required and there will be introductory lectures on the topic.

Application Deadline: 17 February 2023, at noon (UK time)



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