SEAA-web is an information platform dedicated to communicating the activities of the Society for East Asian Archaeology (SEAA), to spreading news of upcoming events and note-worthies in the field to members and the interested public, and to publishing and sharing information on research based on archaeologically recovered material comprising China, Korea, Japan and adjacent regions in all periods, thus aiming at further fostering a network of expertise in East Asian archaeology. The SEAA-web is a non-profit project. It has been created in accordance with the aims and objectives of the Society for East Asian Archaeology (SEAA), and published as a preliminary web in September 2006. 

SEAA-web contains, among the many other features, three sections with a special function: the Members' Area, the Bulletin of the Society for East Asian Archaeology, and the Western Language Bibliography for East Asian Archaeology. 
The Members' Area is reserved for communication and networking among SEAA members. Upon becoming a member of SEAA (see the Membership Subscription section under the SEAA menu, upper left), one is issued a password for access to this area.

The Bulletin of the Society for East Asian Archaeology provides a means of publishing smaller manuscripts such as field reports, project outlines, book reviews, museum roundups etc., or brief essays on various issues in East Asian archaeology. The contributions appear online at varying intervals over the year. The Bulletin of the Society for East Asian Archaeology started in February 2007. New material is available exclusively for SEAA members for the first three months and then is made generally available to the public. Only members can download the articles.

The Western Language Bibliography for East Asian Archaeology (EAA bibliography) - compiled by Gina L. BARNES - is being newly remounted as an open access resource. New entries have been periodically integrated into the full database, which is now over 6000 entries!  'Links & Resources'

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