Full Conference Program

Thursday July 6

Thursday Afternoon
Thurs 12 noon–10pm Residential Registration (for all bookings)
Venue: Collingwood College
Lunch available at Collingwood College (pay as you go)
Free time in Durham City

Thursday Evening
Thurs 5–7pm Drinks Reception, Old Fulling Mill Archaeology Museum
Location: on the riverside of the peninsula, below the Cathedral, Durham City Centre

Viewing of "Scraping the Surface," archaeological photographic exhibition by John Sunderland, Crewe, Cheshire, at Old Fulling Mill Archaeology Museum

Dinner at large; see list of Durham restaurants in Conference Pack
Collingwood College Bar open 6.00–11.00pm

Friday July 7

Friday Morning
SEAA Executive Committee breakfast meeting
Venue: Collingwood College, private dining room

8.30 am Conference Registration cont., Elvet Hill House, Coffee Room

Friday Morning Panels
Venue: Elvet Hill House

PANEL: The Politics and Policies of Archaeological Heritage Management in East Asia: Contested Pasts, Salvage Projects, and Cultural Tourism
Chair: Lothar von Falkenhausen; Organiser: Hyung Il PAI

9.00 Hyung Il PAI (UC Santa Barbara, U.S.A.) "Reconstructing" the Buried Past: Museums, Monuments, and Cultural Tourism in South Korea (read in absentia)
9.30 Mark Byington (Graduate student at Harvard University) Koguryo sites management in China and North Korea
10.00 Martin Bale (Graduate student, University of British Columbia, Canada) Dam Salvage Archaeology in South Korea: The Nam River-Chinju Area Dam Project
10.30 Ian Glover (Archaeology Institute, University of London, Prof. Emeritus) Publishing in South-east Archaeology/Prehistory: The changing role of "foreign" vs. "local" archaeologists
11.00 Walter Edwards (Tenri University, Japan) Contested Access: Issues Surrounding Japan's Imperial Tombs
11.00 Elizabeth Childs-Johnson (NYU), Ba, Three Gorges, and Cultural Heritage

PANEL: Insights into Historical and Protohistoric Ceramics in East Asia
Chair: Andrew Maske

9.00 Heekyung LEE (London University, SOAS) Chinese blue-and-white wares from the Yuan to the early Ming period
9.30 Morgan Pitelka (Princeton University, USA) From low to high: ceramic developments in Kyoto, Japan in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
10.00 Andrew Maske (Peabody Essex Museum, USA) Tokutsu: The culture of amateur ceramic sherd collecting among the Japanese

Independent papers on ceramics:
11.00 ZHANG Lidong (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences): Difference between the pottery of the Xia and the Shang cultures.
11.30 Laurence Denes, Shapes and decorations of ceramics at the 3rd and 4th centuries AD in south-west Korea: comparisons between Cholla-do and Ch'ungch'ong-do productions
12.00 Maria Shinoto (University of Heidelberg), Recent research in Hayato archaeology: Understanding the making of Narikawa pottery from fabric observation and mineralogical analysis.

Palaeolithic Archaeology in the Far East
Chairs: Chen SHEN and Susan Keates

9.00 Adam CHOU (Flemington, NJ), "Peking Man's" role in Hominid Evolution
10.00 Josette Sarel (Haifa University, Israel) and ZHANG Pu & CAO Zeitan (Institute of Mountain Resources, Guizhou) and Eric Boeda
(Universit Paris-X, Nanterre), The Methods of knapped stone at the Upper Palaeolithic of Chuandong Cave cave Guizhou Province
10.30 Chen SHEN (Royal Ontario Museum) Traditions and Industries: Lithic Technologies in the Chinese Palaeolithic
11.00 Susan Keates (University of Oxford) Hominid Evolution in Eastern Asia

Friday Lunchtime
12.30–2.15pm SEAA Council Meeting
Venue: Private Dining Room, Collingwood College

Friday Afternoon Panels
Venue: Elvet Hill House

PANEL: New Approaches to Mortuary Analysis in East Asian Archaeology,
PART 1: Chair: Francis Allard

2.00 Bong Won KANG (Kyung Hee University) Mortuary Practices and Social Stratification during the Three Kingdoms Period in Central Korea
2.30 Gideon Shelach (Hebrew University) Apples and Oranges? Cross-Cultural Comparison of Burial Data from Northeast China
3.00 Lothar von Falkenhausen (UCLA) Shangma. Reflections on Demography and Social Differentiation in a Late Bronze Age Cemetery in Shanxi
3.30 LAI Guolong (UCLA) Archaeology and Ritual Texts: the sumptuary use of bronze tripods in early China
4.00 Charlotte Horlyck (SOAS) A Study of the Relations between Bronze Mirrors and Koryo Mortuary Practices
4.30 Rowan Flad (UCLA) Animal Sacrifice and Mortuary Patterns: Contemporary Burial Programs in Early Bronze Age Inner Mongolia
5.00 Sun YAN (University of Pittsburgh) Changing Gender Relations from Dawenkou to Longshan Period in Neolithic China
5.30 Yong YING (Univ. Pittsburgh) The Burial of the Governor of Huang State and his Wife
6.00 Francis Allard (University of Pittsburgh) Funerary Rites and Social Organization in the Neolithic of Gansu, China
6.30 Discussant: Robert Drennan (University of Pittsburgh)

PANEL: Japanese Archaeology of State Formation
Chair: Ken SASAKI

2.00 Ken Sasaki, (Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan), Introduction Kazutaka Kawano (Kyoto Archaeology Center), Origins of Elite Burial Mounds in East Asia
2.30 Yasuko SAKAI (Osaka Center for Cultural Heritages),
Redistribution of Haniwa Ceramic Objects by Higher-Ranking Chiefs? Excavation of the Sojiji Site in Northern Osaka
3.00 Tetsuo HISHIDA (Kyoto Prefectural University), Hierarchy as Seen in Tumulus Cluster in the Seventh Century--Excavation of the Higashiyama Tumulus Cluster in Hyogo
3.30 Kazutaka KAWANO (Kyoto Archaeology Center), Origins of Elite Burial Mounds in East Asia
4.00 Ken SASAKI (Meiji University), Distribution of Standardized Mound Form as an Inalienable Wealth--Excavations of the Terado-Otsuka Keyhole-Shaped Tumulus in Kyoto

Friday Evening
Dinner downtown (pay as you go)
Collingwood College Bar open 6.00–11.00pm

Saturday July 8

Saturday Morning
SEAA Council breakfast meeting
Venue: Collingwood College, private dining room

Venue: Penthouse Suite, Collingwood College
Sat 9.30am SEAA Business Meeting (AGM) (ALL SEAA members please attend)
Sat 11.00am-12.30pm Poster Sessions, ICT & Computer Demonstrations, Book Sales
12.30 Lunch at Collingwood College (pay as you go)

Saturday Afternoon Panels
Venue: Elvet Hill House

PANEL: Recent Development of Korean Archaeology
Chairs: Chong Pil CHOE and PAK Yang-jin

2.30 Ki Dong BAE (Hanyang university) New Discovery of Korean Paleolithic Site and its Cultural Implication
3.00 Chong Pil CHOE (Sejong University) New Perspectives on the Origins of Agriculture in Korea
3.30 Hyo Jae IM (Seoul National University) A Reconsideration of Korean Neolithic Sites in Relation with Japan and Siberia
4.00 Hak Soo KWON (Choong National University) Formation of Complex Society in Korea During the Bronze Age
4.30 PAK Yang-jin (Choong Nam National University) Analysis of Mortuary Practice in the Bronze Age in Korea
5.00 In Sook LEE (Kyonggi Provincial Museum) The Trade Network on the Korean Ancient Glass

Individual Papers

2.30 Yuri Vostretsov (Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnology of the People of the Far East Vladivostok) Changing of environment and cultural dynamic in the Middle Holocene in Western Part of Japan Sea
3.00 Peter Rowley-Conwy (Durham) Clare Williams and Yuri Vostretsov, Yankovsky landuse: animal bones from 1st millennium BC settlements in Primorie, Russian Far East
3.30 Douglas Keenan (the Limehouse Cut) A Chronology for Early Dynastic China, with evidende for the region of the Yellow Emperor
4.00 Kazuo MIYAMOTO (Kyushu University): Regional interaction in the Liaoxi region during the Bronze Age
4.30 TAWARA, Kanji (Kyushu University): How we re-contextualize the Vietnamese Past?: A case study of Han tombs and archaeological material excavated in French Colonial Era.
5.00 TzeHuey CHIOU-PENG (University of New Mexico): Early Bronze Kettledrums in Southwest China and Southeast Asia.

PANEL: Archeology of Salt and Iron Production
Chair: Lothar von Falkenhausen

2.30 Lothar von Falkenhausen (UCLA) and Li Shuicheng (Peking University): Salt Archaeology and its Potential in East Asia
3.00 Pochan CHEN (UCLA) and Rowan K. Flad (UCLA): Excavations at Zhongba, A Neolithic through Early Han Period Salt Production Site in the Eastern Sichuan Basin
3.30 Bryan K. Miller (UCLA): The Han Iron Industry

Saturday Evening
Conference Dinner and "Voices of the Elders"
Venue: Collingwood College

"Voices of the Elders", chaired by Gina Barnes
Presentations on the future of East Asian Archaeology
China, by Kathryn Linduff
Korea, by Sarah Nelson
Japan, by Fumiko Ikawa-Smith and Discussion
Collingwood Bar

Sunday July 9

Sunday Morning Panels
Venue: Elvet Hill House

PANEL: Formation of Early States in North China: Reconstruction of Environment, Settlement Patterns, and Political Economy
PART 1: Chairs: LIU Li and WANG Tao

9.30 Jim Railey (TRC Mariah Assoc Inc., New Mexico) Sacralization of the Mundane: Ceramic Evolutionary Life Cycles in Ancient China
10.00 LIU Li ( La Trobe University, Melbourne) Resource procurement and settlement patterns in early states, China
10.30 CHEN Xingcan (Institute of Archaeology, CASS, Beijing) Southern Shanxi: Salt and copper sources in the Xia and Early Shang
11.00 Alex Kaplan (La Trobe University, Melbourne) State control and ceramic production: preliminary findings from Yanshi Shangcheng
12.00 ZHOU Kunshu (Institute of Geology, CAS, Beijing) Environmental studies in Chinese archaeology: the Anyang case
Continued in the afternoon

PANEL: Archaeology of North East Asia
Chair: Helen Loveday

9.30 Helen Loveday :The relationship between Qidan and Jurchen as Reflected in Jin Funerary Architecture
10.00 Evgenia Gelman (Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnology of the People of the Far East Vladivostok): Trade Ceramics from Bohai Sites in Russian Primorye
10.30 Yuri Nikitin (Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnology of the People of the Far East Vladivostok): Spatial Organization of Bohai Sites in Russian Primorye
11.00 VladislavBoldin (Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnology of the People of the Far East Vladivostok): Archaeological Data for Koguryo Influence on the Culture of Bohai
11.30 Alexander Ivliev (Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnology of the People of the Far East Vladivostok): Archaeological Evidence for Qidan Presence in the Primorski Region
12.00 Richard Hollenweger (Berne): The Transmission of Buddhist Architecture in East Asia: on the Importance of the Buddhist Architecture of the Korean Three Kingdoms Period.

PANEL: Japan and the Anthropology of Origins
Chair: Mark Hudson

9.30 Kaz KATAYAMA (Kyoto) Jomon and Yayoi People from an Osteoarchaeological Viewpoint
10.00 S. FUJIO (Nat. Museum Japanese History) Jomon-Yayoi transition
10.30 Mark Hudson (Tsukuba) Hayato ethnogenesis and the Yamato state
11.00 Chris Beckwith (Indiana) Japanese-Koguryo relations and language origins
11.30 Fumiko Ikawa-Smith (McGill) The dispersal of anatomically modern humans and the Japanese Palaeolithic
12.00 T. UNO (Kyoto) Innovations in Food vessels and Cooking Styles in the Middle and Late Kofun PeriodFrom China/Korea to Japan

Sunday Lunchtime
Lunch, at Discussion Tables (pay as you go)
Venue: Collingwood College

Sunday Afternoon Panels
Venue: Elvet Hill House

PANEL: Formation of Early States in North China: Reconstruction of
Environment, Settlement Patterns, and Political Economy

PART 2: Chair: LIU Li

2.00 LIU Jianguo (Institute of Archaeology, CASS, Beijing) Application of remote sensing in the study of Yinxu in Anyang
2.30 TANG Jigen (University of London) and Jing, Zhichun (University of Wisconsin) Craftsmen and their products in the Late Shang Dynast: an analysis of the materials from Anyang
3.00 WANG Tao (University of London) Water Management in Ancient China
3.30 Bettina Zorn, (Museum of Ethnology, Vienna), Erlitou Culture and reconstructing chronology for the Three Dynasties
4.00 Discussant: Robert Layton (University of Durham)

PANEL: Archaeology of Buildings in Japan
Chair: Martin Morris

2.00 Makoto TOMII (Kyoto University) Changes in House Structure in Western Japan During the Jomon Period
2.30 Martin Morris (Chiba University) A Case Study in Reconstructing the History of a Minka from Analysis of its Fabric
3.00 Jane Grenville (York University) The Potential for Cross-Cultural Comparative Studies in the Archaeology of Standing Buildings
3.30 Tetsuo TAMAI (Chiba University) The Significance of Archaeological Data in the Reconstruction of Late Mediaeval - Early Modern Cities and their Housing
4.00 Kaname MAEKAWA (Univ. of Toyama) Moated Sites in late-Medieval Japan: the Notion of Square and Circle

Cooperative Archaeological Projects in East Asia
Chair: Kathryn Linduff (University of Pittsburgh)

2.00 Chen SHEN (Royal Ontario Museum, Canada) and CHEN Chun (Fudan University, China) Re-investigating Xiaochangliang, the earliest Palaeolithic occupation of in central-northern China
2.30 Li LIU (La Trobe University), Xingcan CHEN (Chinese Institute of Archaeology) and Yun Kuen LEE (Harvard University), Social Complexity in the Lower Yi-Luo River Valley
3.00 Katheryn M. LINDUFF (University of Pittsburgh), ZHANG Zhongpei (The Palace Museom, P.R.China), Gideon SHELACH (Hebrew University), Robert D. DRENNAN (University of Pittsburgh), Regional Lifeways and Cultural Remains in the Northern Corridor: Chifeng International Collaborative Archaeological Research Project
3.30 Fumiko IKAWA-SMITH (McGill University), Japanese Archaeology at the Millennium
4.00 Yangjin PAK, (Seoul University), Korean Archaeology at the Millennium

Conference ends at ca. 4:30pm
Collingwood College Bar open 6.00–10.30pm

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