SEAA 2021 Online Student Conference

The full conference schedule is now available as a pdf here. Please note that recent updates have been made, so please download the latest version of the schedule (updated June 25th) for the most complete information.

A more general table with the time of each session and event is also available here.


Time Zone Conversion

To help you plan your conference attendance, time tables for each day are available here.

Please check the time zone conversion for the sessions you will be attending. The conference is scheduled in Korean Standard Time (KST). You must convert the time and also the day/date.

For example:

For people in East Asia, the conference runs from Saturday, June 26 through Monday, June 28 (2021).

For people in the U.S., KST is 16 h ahead of PDT and 13 h ahead of EDT. That means that the conference runs from Friday, June 25 through Sunday June, 27.

For people in Europe, the conference starts very early in the morning on Saturday, June 26.

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