SEAA Society for East Asian Archaeology

Membership can be considered for any individual, professional or non-professional, doing research related to the archaeology of East Asia (China, Korea, Japan) or otherwise interested in the field.*

To subscribe to the Society for East Asian Archaeology (SEAA), or renew your subscription, please download the application form (below), complete the questionnaire and send it as an e-mail attachment to our SEAA-treasurer.

Details are given in the application form. (If you cannot download the Subscription form, please contact the treasurer (see link below)).

After confirmation of payment and the subscriber is accepted to SEAA, a password will be sent for the Members' Area of the SEAA-web from the editor.*

Fees are collected once in four years. The present fee for subscribers, up to 2021, is $ US 100 regular, or $ US 60 for concessionary (reduced, student, retired). We encourage those who can afford it, regardless of their status, to register as regular members.

For any further inquiries relating to subscription, payment or membership status, please contact our treasurer:


SEAA Treasurer & Membership Secretary

Dr Anke HEIN

(August 2017)


Email to treasurer (Please note that this email box is checked periodically, not constantly, and you should expect a reply from the Treasurer in due course.)


* SEAA membership is by invitation of the SEAA Executive Board and remains at their discretion.




Welcome to SEAA!


Step 1:


Download the Subcription form (below), complete the questionnaire and send it as an e-mail attachment to the SEAA Treasurer (see mail address on Subcription form).


A Paypal button is provided to pay directly by credit card.

For other methods of payment, see the Subcription form.



Download SEAAsubscription form


Step 2:

Make your payment by PayPal (below)!

Please indicate in an email to our treasurer if the PayPal account or credit card/bank account you use is NOT your own one. Otherwise your payment may not be identified.


Membership dues for FOUR years, including PayPal fees

For payment: Click on the appropriate button, it will take you directly to the SEAA PayPal (SSL) account.


Regular Membership for four years until end of 2021

 (100 $ US)
Reduced Membership (unemployed, student, retired)
for four years until end of

 (60 $ US)