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Academic Anagram
npp are the initials and editorial anagram of  north   pacific prehistory, an international journal exclusively devoted to prehistory. npp has two aims: publishing  works  of   interest   to  the  scientific community, and promoting research and teachings in Archaeological Studies at the university level. the University Book is the printing and academic publishing house of npp.

Peer Review Process
npp is a journal dedicated to the publication of original research. All articles published in npp are submitted to the peer review process to ensure their scientific quality.

Prehistory Studies The north pacific prehistory scientific journal defends intellectual pluralism and is open to any scholar, whatever his theoretical or methodological current, working on subjects relating to the archaeology of the northern region of the Pacific Ocean. npp publishes original articles on prehistory that contribute to greater knowledge and diffusion of information pertaining to the geographical areas of the Russian Far East, oriental Siberia, Japan, Korea, Alaska and British Columbia. However, npp also accepts works leading to insights on peripheral territories, such as central Siberia, Mongolia, China, the United States or Canada, in order to examine shared questions between Greater Beringia and its surroundings


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Volume 3 (2009)




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(abstracts available on the website of npp)


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