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The Journal of East Asian Archaeology publishes peer-reviewed, original scholarship, in English, on all aspects of East Asian archaeology. “East Asia” is here broadly defined as including China, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, Mongolia, Siberia, and the adjacent regions of Central Asia. This is the first journal explicitly devoted to the archaeology of this larger geographical area; our hope is that the broad geographic focus will encourage a wider view of archaeology in East Asia than is possible with the single-country or single-area orientation characteristic of most current publications in our field.

The Journal of East Asian Archaeology is published by Brill Academic Publishers of Leiden, The Netherlands, with the cooperation of the Society for East Asian Archaeology. The editors are Lothar von Falkenhausen (University of California, Los Angeles) and Robert E. Murowchick (ICEAACH, Boston University), with editorial responsibilities being carried out through the International Center for East Asian Archaeology and Cultural History. JEAA is an international scholarly journal, primarily directed at academics and students, with its contents aimed at being of immediate relevance to practitioners in various subfields of East Asian Studies.

Articles printed in JEAA appear with Chinese, Japanese, or Korean characters accompanying romanizations. Yet it is also an explicit intention of the journal to reach out beyond the East Asian Studies community. JEAA intends to help archaeologists and anthropologists working in areas other than East Asia to become better informed about the significant contributions of East Asian archaeology to the discipline as a whole. In other words, the journal is to heighten the visibility of our field, as well as emphasize its importance on a global level. To do so is essential if the study of East Asian archaeology in Western countries is to continue on its current ascendant trajectory, and in order to draw more first-rate talent into our field. JEAA publishes hands-on archaeological reports, contributions to archaeological synthesis, specialized studies on archaeological finds from East Asia, treatments of the history of archaeological research in East Asia, as well as articles on comparative and methodological issues that incorporate materials from East Asia to a significant extent. Work of an interdisciplinary focus is particularly encouraged. JEAA may also publish reviews, review articles, bibliographic surveys, and other research aids such as translations of important works already published in languages other than English. It may also include interim reports on the progress of field projects. It hopes, furthermore, to stimulate discussion in the field through columns, correspondence, forum sections and thematically-focused issues.

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The Journal of East Asian Archaeology is published at Academic Publishers BRILL in Leiden - Boston - Köln.






Vol. 1, 1-4 • Festschrift in Honor of K.C. Chang





Vol. 2: 1-2 • Festschrift in Honor of K.C. Chang


Vol. 2: 3-4 • Special Thematic Issue:
Clashes of Iron: Armor, Weaponry, and Warfare in Early East Asian States





Vol. 3: 1-2 • Festschrift in Honor of K.C. Chang



Vol. 3: 3-4

Special Section: Mortuary Analysis in East Asian Archaeology


Book Review






Vol. 4, 1-4 (2002)

Special Section: the Xia-Shang-Zhou Chronolgy Project







Vol. 5, 1-4 (2003)




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