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Update to bibliography 2012

Compilation of this bibliography began in 1971 and has grown over the years with frequent additions. Many generations of paid student helpers have keyboarded entries into the bibliography; they deserve much thanks for their perservance in this tedious task.

In 1990, in order to establish a vehicle for its publication, the EAANnouncements were created, which became the newsletter of the East Asian Archaeology Network (now transformed into the Society for East Asian Archaeology). For several years, Running Bibliographies, Members Bibliographies and Special Subject Bibliographies were published there; these are now accessible in the Archives on this Website.

All the published references in these bibliographies have been dumped into the big bibliography presented here, organised by author surname. Additions to the bibliography were composed up to 2012 and are now also available on these webpages. Work on this bibliography has terminated so far. We are hoping that we can someday offer a better search facility on this material, but meanwhile, we hope at least these references offered will help widen knowledge about East Asian archaeology. For a wider visibility of Western language works on East Asian archaeology we are now offering the full bibliography, including two major additions, as an open access resource.

Because this list has been developed unsystematically, there are many omissions; thus, the list is not comprehensive and should not be mistaken to be. If any readers/SEAA members want to take over the task of continuing the work on our East Asian archaeology bibliography at any time, please contact the web editor ( or the creator of this bibliography (

NB: the xx notations in the list below indicate missing information, where page numbers, publishers, etc., have not been accessible to the compiler. For example, 19xx indicates a date of publication unknown to the compiler (i.e. something in press, or lifted from publishers' lists that characteristically do not include dates). In this sense, the bibliography is incomplete. Hopefully, however, there is enough information offered for you to find what you need.