SEAA Society for East Asian Archaeology

First World Conference of EAANetwork, 10-11 April 1996,
Hilton Hawaii Village Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii
Conference Report (from EAANouncements 19)


Between April 8th and 11th this spring, EAANetwork completed a very successful conference in Honolulu, Hawaii. The events included a Council Meeting, a Business Meeting, and several sessions of papers spread over three days. Over 40 people registered for the conference, with session attendance varying between 25 and 36.

The venue was part of a ballroom of the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel, and catering provided a continental breakfast for EAANmembers on the first day, and coffee and tea continuously throughout the session days. An EAANmembers' lunch was held on the terrace outside the ballroom, with a chilly wind interspersed with sunshine spicing the conversation of 28 participants. These events allowed EAANmembers to get to know one another beyond the confines of the conference room.

The major business item of both the Council and Business Meetings was the drafting of the Constitution for the new academic association being formed from EAANetwork. The draft appears below in its second revised version (having incorporated all suggestions made in Hawaii). The Council meeting was initially held at the Wailana Coffee House from 4 to 9 pm on April 8th, with dinner and as much iced tea we could drink. Each item of the proposed Constitution was discussed thoroughly among the seven Council members present: G. Barnes (Pres.), S. Nelson (Treas.), YJ Pak (Sec'y), WANG Tao (China Rep), IS Lee (Korea Rep), F. Allard (N.Am Rep substitute), and L. von Falkenhausen (Journal Editor). Five hours, however, was not enough to satisfy our appetite for discussion, so we met the next evening for dinner and carried on the discussions for another hour. The draft resulting from these discussions was then presented to the Business meeting. The Business Meeting occupied an entire morning, aided by coffee and fruitcake. Each article of the constitution was presented for discussion, and suggestions were entertained. The version of the Constitution thus represents the work and opinions of at least 20 EAANmembers.

The conference schedule was established and the call for papers conducted by our Secretary, Yangjin PAK. Session organisers set their own policies; thus, abstracts were provided for only some papers (see the CONFERENCE section below PAPERS READ). In addition to the paper sessions, a Roundtable discussion was led by Prof. Peter Oblas on "Archaeology and the Media".









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