SEAA Society for East Asian Archaeology

Society for East Asian Archaeology (euroEAAN):
in conjunction with Joint East Asian Studies Conference
, 2.-4. April 1997, Durham

Wednesday April 2




2.00-4.00 JEASConference registration, Collingwood College

2.15-3.45 euroEAAN reception at the Spalding Room, Department for East Asian Studies, Elvet Hill House, adjoining the Oriental Museum

Other papers on 'display' follow these papers between 5-6.00pm

4.00 Kendall, Laurel: Looking for 'The People' under glass: the National Folklore Museum of Korea
4.30 Wilkinson, Jane: Problems in contextuality, with reference to the Ivy Wu Gallery at the National Museums of Scotland

Panel 3: HISTORY & MATERIAL CULTURE. Chaired by Jim Hoare

Other history papers precede the archaeology on this panel from 4-5.00pm

5.00 Morris, Martin N.: From the group up—Japanese architectural history and archaeology
5.30 Seyock, Barbara: Hirabaru site and Wajin-den research

7.00 East Asian Archaeology Dinner (included in conference fee),
Collingwood College (followed by the J6/4SC slide programme)


Thursday April 3




9-12.00 Free time in Durham to see Cathedral, the Archaeology Fulling Museum, the Oriental Museum, etc. unless you want to attend the plenary session papers

12.30-2.00 East Asian Archaeology lunch (included in conference fee), Collingwood


2.00 Grayson, James H.: Grandfather Tan'gun and Jimmu Tenno—is the Tan'gun myth unique?


2.30 JIAO, Tianlong: New excavation on a major Late Shang site—Qianzhangda, Shandong
3.00 Kaner, Simon: Foragers in the snow country: Later Jomon in Hokuriku
3.30 Wagner, Donald B.: Early iron in China

4-4.30 Tea/Coffee

Panel 13: MATERIAL CULTURE & ETHNIC PERCEPTIONS. Chaired by Mary Kennedy

4.30 CHEN, Yu-Mei: Cultural contact and material culture change—an ethnoarchaeological example from the Yami of the Orchid Island
5.00 Dallais, Philippe: Ainu archaeology in the '90s
5.30 Stephenson, Richard: Chinese and Korean astronomical records
6.30 Japan Foundation Sherry Reception
7.00 Conference dinner & entertainment (included in full-time conference fee;
must be booked separately for part-timers)


Friday April 4



11-11.30 Tea/Coffee

11.30-12.30 Panel 14: CHINESE ARCHAEOLOGY. Chaired by Gina Barnes

11.30 Guo, Zhan: Cultural Properties in China
12.00 MIYAMOTO, Kazuo: Social system of Neolithic Age in the middle and lower valley of Chang Jiang river

12.30 Lunch (included in conference fee)

The afternoon is free for arranging other meetings, more EAA papers if you want, events, field trips (?) or discussions as needed or wanted. But if you are interested:

2-4.00 The China Postgraduate Network Session is offering a session on professional skills (translation, presentation, article and thesis publication). Anyone interested is welcome to attend
If you have booked for full-time attendance, the Conference Dinner on Thursday night is included in the conference fee. However, if you are booking for part-time attendance, the Conference Dinner is an optional extra.